Anti Ageing Night Balm


Organic and 100% Natural Night Face balm, detoxs your skin whilst you sleep! 60ml.




    The ingredients in this Anti Aging Night Balm have been known to help 

    • restore complexion
    • skin elasticity
    • skin texture
    • reduce wrinkles keeping your skin looking younger and firmer


    Some of our key ingredients are

    1. Organic Grape Seed Oil.  During the day our skin attracts pollutants from commuting to work and generally being outdoors, Grape Seed oil eradicates these pollutants from your skin and also moisturises and combats the signs of aging.  A great detox for your skin!
    2. Organic Calendula Oil for restoring and healing of the skin, allowing your skin to relax and revitalise itself whilst you sleep.
    3. Organic Frankinscense essential Oil, known to help lift and tighten skin, effectively and naturally slowing down the aging process.
    4. Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, being rich in Vitamin A can also help boost collagen production. Shea Butter is also known to protect skin from sun damage reducing the envirnoment factors that aid aging.  The butter absorbs into the deep layers of the skin preventing moisture loss.


    Only a small pea size is required. A little goes a long way!

    Suitable for all skin types.


    All items returned unopened will be refunded within 28 days of purchase. You have the right to cancel the order within seven days of purchase, so long the product hasn't bee used.  However if the item has already been posted then the refund will be minus the cost of delivery and you must pay to return the item unopened before refund is made.  Once we have recieved the goods we will issue a refund.

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