Who We Are

ORGANICA SKINCARE is a British, Natural and Organic skincare brand that believes in using 100% natural ingredients. We are extremely passionate about natural beauty and sharing this with the world. We use natural essential oils to create beautiful rejuvenating products without synthetics, parabens and zero harmful ingredients.

Ingredient Commitment

At ORGANICA SKINCARE, we say NO to synthetics, NO to artificial ingredients and NO to everything that contains numbers. Nature doesn’t require numbers like c-12! Our organic ingredients are Soil Association Certified and we will be happy to disclose our suppliers upon request. All of our ingredients are vegan friendly with no animal testing.


We want to help not only the skin but also the mind. In an ever-growing stressful society we want to help reduce anxiety and stress by producing safe products that will help detox pollutants, relax and calm the mind.

For hundreds of years these natural essential oils have been used to help the body and mind. We want to continue ensuring they are still being used.

How We Began

ORGANICA SKINCARE LTD was created in a small town in Hertfordshire, England in 2017 by three sisters that grew up in North West London.


The story began with Lubna Sengul, when she became a mother her passion for natural and organic products grew. Lubna started to understand the bad effects of certain ingredients used in many of the products we use on a daily basis. Frustrated that she couldn’t find a selection of non synthetic skincare products and especially for babies, she then started creating her own for her family. Creams, toothpastes, detergents, masks, you name it she made it!


Lubna shared her passion with her sisters Shabana and Mavesh, then years later they were keen to share it with the world. As a result ORGANICA SKINCARE  LTD was born producing an alternative, natural and organic option. 


© 2017 by ORGANICA SKINCARE LTD.. Registered Organica Skincare Ltd 80 Baddow Road, Chelmsford, Essex, England, CM2 7PJ

Info@Organicaskincare.co.uk Greater London UK


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